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Gdańsk – a city with a great musical tradition can finally boast an artist whose composition accomplishments bring splendour to the place where everything began. Krzysztof Olczak (born 26th May 1956) came to Wybrzeże in 1979 after graduating from the instrumental faculty (accordion speciality studied with Włodzimierz Lech Puchnowski) at the Academy of Music in Warsaw. He had written several solo composiotions for accordion by then (among others Manualiter, Fantasmagorie). He started studying composition with Eugeniusz Głowski at the Academy of Music in Gdańsk (altogether with didactic work) and graduated in 1986 receiving a diploma with distinction.



He quickly assimilated into the music life of the region, which was confirmed in the following pieces: The Expanse of the Sea, lines for soprano and prepared piano (1982), Pozymk for four performers based on a poem by Jerzy Stachurski (1982), Szpęgawsk in memoriam for soprano and strings (1982), Rząpielnik czyli szkicownik z Pomorza for accordion solo (1982-1984). At the same time he did not lose contact with the Polish and European music stage. His compositions were performed during important festivals including Musik Biennale in Berlinie, Internationale Studienwoche in Bonn, Musica Polonica Nova in Wrocław, Poznań Music Spring, Warsaw Autumn and others. He was commissioned to write Intervals for pipe organ and two accordions (1987) by the organisers of Organ Conversatorium in Legnica, Trio hommage à Szymanowski for violin, guitar and orchestra (1987) by Karol Szymanowski Days in Zakopane and Concerto grosso for wind orchestra (1990) by American Waterways Wind Orchestra.

In the meantime his performing career was being developed. He gave concerts as a soloist and a chamber musician in Poland and abroad: in Austria, Finland, Germany, Norway, Russia, Sweden, Iceland, Slovakia, Italy, Iran and the USA. He recorded the Polish contemporary music on over ten CDs.

Krzysztof Olczak’s musical output may be characterised by a kind of dichotomy: drawing on the tradition, frequent references to the Kashubian folklore and honouring 450 anniversary of the first Gdańsk carillon by The Song for the Anniversary of the Singing Clock of the Main Town Hall in Gdańsk on the one side and making use of the newest means of expression: electronic and computer music (Etiuda na jedno złożenie miecha, Signum temporis, Chanson) on the other. The accordion, whose different sound configurations may be found on the CD Koncert Gdański, is the previleged instrument of the composer.

Translation - Tomasz Matuszewski


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